Residential Automation

Motion Activated Lighting

Illuminates on your presence, and shut off when not   needed.
Change dimming levels according to presence.

Programmed Mood Lighting

Create a few lighting moods for your living or   entertainment area; movie scene, family time or romantic.
Control your own theater system scene with 1 button   that dims the lights, activates the AV system and draws   the blinds.

Remote Control

Be able to control your home from your office and even   overseas.
Forgotten to turn off your aircon when you left the   office? No problem, turn it off with your smartphone.
On vacation and worried that your unlit house may be   inviting unwelcome attention? No sweat, turn on the   lights over the internet.
Link the lights to your security system so that any   intruders will trigger off the lights.
Unlock the door remotely for your mom who is visiting   and does not have the keys to your home.

Securing Your Home: Timed Events

Programmed the lights to come on and off regularly   when on vacation to create the impression that the   house is not empty.
Program the blinds to drop against the afternoon sun,   and rise again when the sun sets everyday. No more   baked house just because you were not there to draw   the blinds in the afternoon.
Program the heater to turn on half an hour before you   get home just nice for when you are ready for a warm   bath yet save big on electricity bill by not heating up a   tankful of water every day all day.

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